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horticulturally challenged

Sunday, September 24th, 2006

Did you ever notice that all the field guides to flowers (we have five, including at least two editions of Peterson’s) are about wildflowers?  Me neither (despite the obvious clue: FIELD guides).  I noticed this week because, as noted earlier, Alex and I went to Shelburne Falls.  When I downloaded my photos, I suddenly realized […]

Shelburne Falls beauties

Tuesday, September 19th, 2006

I’ll be back tomorrow night – but in the meantime, here’s one of my favorite images from the weekend :-)

the emperor has no clothes

Saturday, September 16th, 2006

Did you ever want to scrub your brain out with soap? Don’t get me wrong – yesterday was a fabulous day.  I had another way-overdue, hour-long phone conversation with my best friend.  I drove up to North Adams with great tunes on the radio, and I got a parking spot right outside Alex’s townhouse.  We […]

summer, at three o’clock

Tuesday, September 12th, 2006

The white shoes are tucked away.  I have shiny black pencils and a new outfit or two; I put the heat on for the first time last night, and the leaves are turning: my solar year draws to a close. This is some of the finest of New England’s weather.  One could argue that late […]

her name is Yuki

Wednesday, September 6th, 2006

And she drank 13.333 gallons at our first pit stop! This car is not just cute because she’s a Subaru, or because she’s in excellent shape inside and out – the engine runs like glass, like buttah!  And it’s quiet (“Is it on?”) and low-pitched.  And the POWER! OMG!  The one thing Subarus never had […]