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no such thing as bad publicity

You may remember that in the dim, distant past (August 15) I posted a few measly shots of the first annual rocked-out sun-soaked jamfest at Rick’s house.  I promised to post many, many more just as soon as some people forked over their model releases.  Some people did!  Unfortunately, they were the people featured in crowd shots with those who didn’t.

In the interim, I’ve wised up: my email should’ve asked people to respond if they did NOT want their images posted, and I should just chill about it.  Here’s a string of shots I happen to like, and soon I’ll backdate this entry to snuggle it up against the first one in the archives.

Brian tells it like it is

jam in full swing: Dave, Rick, Jay, Brian, Neal

Neal and Joe

how does he DO that?

Howard, Joe, Jay and Steve

Danger! Armed toddler!

the thrill of victory

Dave sassing our host, Rick

Donna transports us

Donna, the rest of us are in B flat

guitar face

these go to 11

Thomas and his PRS Custom 22

Tom and Jerry (Garcia, on T shirt)

Gloria!  G-L-O-R-I-A

gearheads: Roger and Jef

Yackety yack!  Don't talk back

Fritz in the sunlight instead of a spotlight

Sean O.

La-la-la-la-la-la Bamba

THANK YOU! and drive safely

So, for any of you who see your picture here and don’t want it on the web… send me an email!

2 Responses to “no such thing as bad publicity”

  1. -R- Says:

    I love the pictures (and corresponding comments, of course)! It looks so fun and just so New England!

  2. Yez Says:

    It was incredible :-)  Rick has the perfect New England house, barn, yard – and friends!  No one was camera-shy (duh, they’re musicians).

    The “yackety-yack” shot doesn’t make it clear, but Thomas is Roger’s son.  I have no idea what they were talking about, but that shot cracks me up.  Thomas, BTW, held his own with the older guys – I probably said that before, but it bears repeating (and one of them said as much to me, unsolicited, in an email).

    Doesn’t Fritz kinda look like Matthew Perry?  IRL, not so much – but his sense of humor is comparable.

    One thing that doesn’t come across in the “La Bamba” picture is that all the women were dancing up a STORM – and I was too, in between shots.  For the next party, a tape recorder is mandatory.

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