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A few gems from recent ‘Net surfing:


Thanking my lucky stars I don’t have this problem

“This Xmas my husband completely surprised me with a beautiful new wedding band with 14 diamonds. Now I have no idea which finger to wear it on. Should I put my original engagement ring on my right hand and place the new ring above my wedding band? Or, does the new ring replace the other two?”

OMG, she needs immediate guidance!  If she doesn’t get the one, true answer right now she could be divorced by morning and not even know it!


Get yer Jesus facts right here, folks

“For example, as far as religion goes, he is Lutheran, and I am Christian.”

Lutherans have no use for Christ, apparently.


Charm school graduate (emphasis mine)

“u must b butthurt from what i said and it looks like 2 me u dont know nutn about short writin and text messaging i have my masters for ur info so until u know the biness stay outa mine dont hate on somthin u dont know get on some street and then holla at me u could b the smartest school wise but if u dont know the real no puntuation will help ur funky azz n further more if u aint got nuttin nice 2 say c if ur good grammar will help u on the streets huh!!!!!! u shouldn even b in this some people just dont know the biness………get up off me  b e i o c h. . . . . . .”

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