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the Big Why celebrates S-tivus

I almost didn’t take this shot.  My inner TBS Funny Hotline advised that one missing apostrophe was a smile, not a guffaw – but then I saw the fine print.  S-happy signs definitely qualify for belly laughs bellies laughs.

maybe they're about to lay off the Supplies department

Apparently this week they’re only selling one chicken breast.  Also, Big Why store brands aren’t just classi, they’re…

but as soon as they DO last, all bets are off

What a deal!  Regular price $6.79, but look!  It’s on sale for $6.79!

I'm not sure I want to ched anything, but if I did, I'd want an extra sharp chedder


I apologize once again for my extended absence.  My current excuse is that I fell victim to Jef’s giant mutant ninja cold, and for three days my nose has apparently been packed with jalapeño purée.  Fortunately, I enjoy sneezing – but not in marathon format, and not when I have to fight Jef for possession of the Kleenex box.  Yesterday, having downed the emergency dose of Sudafed I keep in my wallet, I made that trip to the Big Why to stock up.  Eyes running and head aching when I bent down in the cold remedies section, I was disappointed to find only “Sudafed PE”… but it had painkillers and sinus stuff in it, so I bought it – better than nothing, I thought.  I took a dose, and – it was probably better than nothing, but it was definitely the DROWSY formula.

After I woke up, I read the box more carefully.  Of course!  No pseudoephedrine.  It’s pseudoSudafed.  Luckily, Stop & Shop has a pharmacist available on Sundays, so I scored my 24 doses of the real thing – after considerable paperwork.  It didn’t really inconvenience me, but it has to be a pain for the pharmacist; she asked for my license, then flipped through about a month’s worth of Sudafed customers’ signatures, filled out a new line for me and asked for my signature.  It was only about a 4-Kleenex wait, and while I doubt that I fit the meth-lab profile, I’m glad they’re screening the buyers.  I wonder how much Purell those pharmacists go through, though – she handled the license with my grubby germs all over it, and I used her pen.


And tomorrow I start my new new job – I’ve switched from outbound calling to inbound!  Same classified-ads magazine, but this time I’m saying “How may I help you?” instead of thinking, “Sorry to disrupt your day.”  I get to write the ads as well as renew them.  Fun!

5 Responses to “the Big Why celebrates S-tivus”

  1. Stinkypaw Says:

    Good luck with that and hope you’ll be “germ free” real soon! Take care!

  2. Yez Says:

    Thanks!  I should be at least germ-reduced by the weekend, so Alex probably won’t catch it when she visits.  On the other hand, I may not be the most intelligible teleservices rep this week (“Hab you plazed ad ad wid us before?”).

  3. lizgwiz Says:

    That faux sudafed is useless! I tried it once, and now I happily stand in line to hand over my driver’s license for the real thing. You want my firstborn child, too? You got it.

    Those store signs are hilarious. UNTIL supplies last? Maybe you should offer to freelance(s) as their(s) proofreader(s).

  4. guinness girl Says:

    Yay, Yez is back! I have missed you! I really love the Big Why signs. Hilarious. Good luck at the new job!

  5. Yez Says:

    Liz, I think they could use my hypercritical eye on some of those signs, but of course that would spoil all my fun in hunting them down and shooting ’em for appreciative folks like you.  I love it when I can strap a fresh one on the hood & drive it home to mount on the wall at Don’t See in Here :>

    LOL, “faux Sudafed”, and also “firstborn”!  I’m stocking the leftover faux as treatment for insomnia.  I have leftovers of the real stuff, too, having needed it for only 2 work days.  Sudafed RULES.

    GG – Yes! I’m back, O loyal reader!  With blogger-inappropriate online time: weekends (you may remember that I pasted a sign to my monitor for use whenever I got paranoid that nobody loved me anymore: “It’s the weekend, stupid”).  Good news/bad news on my work schedule.  Bad: 10-hour days.  Good: Fridays & weekends off!  I actually love the work so much that the hours fly by.  You just never know what kind of random ad the next call will be about.  Yesterday I took one for a port-a-potty!

    Oh, and about the radio opportunity, March is just around the corner :-)

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