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mo binders, mo beefs!

Surprise! Yet another Big Why collection, but how could I resist?  I captured all of these yesterday, and I wasn’t even in full-on sign stalking mode.

Let’s get my Francophilistic snobbery out of the way first.  Formage is a French word, but I doubt that the Big Why is charging $11.99 to view the manufacturing process of shaping cowbells.

et il faut dire 'La Clarine' ou 'Les Clarines'; décidez!

Antooch – wasn’t that in Seeria, but really close to Toorkey?

antooch sounds like a pesticide

Apparently S-tivus is celebrated for weeks.  “You hongry, Jeb?” “Lookie here, Jethro!  Beefs is on sale!”

again, you don't see this kind of sale pricing every day

Wait, did you catch the fine print?  I just can’t decide which option to choose.

I want fillers AND mo binders

I paid for my groceries and headed for the car, happily gratified at having bagged not only two Purdue roasters for the price of one but three more signs for the price of a few sidelong glances.  I only backed up the Big Why’s exit traffic for a few seconds as I braked, rolled down the window and captured the side of a truck:

and no grafecks proofreadar to ignerent

8 Responses to “mo binders, mo beefs!”

  1. jonniker Says:

    This is fabulous. FABULOUS. My favorite is your commentary around Antooch. Really close to Toorkey! BAHAHAHAHAHAHA.

    I love the Big Why. Also, remind me to tell you why Rutland is pulling ahead of Holden. I forgot to last night…

  2. Yez Says:

    {{curtseys}}  Thanks!  I wish I’d been able to find a closer parallel, but I’m certainly no Antioch scholar (I’m armed only with: 1) the vague awareness of a school in the Midwest, and 2) an infatuation with Worcester Art Museum’s mosaic floor, which was hauled tile by tile from an excavation in Antioch).  I did such a double-take on that sign that everything in my cart fell over!

    I was in line at the deli counter when I spied “beefs” and had to wait for my turn in order to get a clear shot, musing that at least they didn’t go for “beeves”.  (It wasn’t until I got home that I discovered the sign’s rich 3-way delights.)  In the meantime, I cast a glance at the cheese display, close by; it was just too easy.  Is this a test?  Do they plant these signs for me and lie in wait?

    Rutland!  I should start calling you & Adonymous “the Rutles”.

  3. lizgwiz Says:

    I hear beefs are really popular with the mens.

  4. Yez Says:

    X-D  It was one of those mens who was blocking my line of sight in the first place.  I guess it wasn’t obvious that I needed that shot for the Internets.

  5. Suebob Says:

    Man, I love some formage.

    In other news, here at work the cafeteria special today was a “Burger serevd wit small fires. ”

    I am not making this up.

  6. Yez Says:

    OMG, what a classic!  They should memorialize it with a title (like Coquilles St. Jacques), and that title should be Beeves Flom Bay.

    Am trying to break out of my Big Why streak, if only momentarily, to present a list of some of the classified ads I process daily.  One of my recent favorites started off with “83′ Chevy” (I’ve seen stretch limos, but this is ridiculous) and concluded, “Had baby, must sell” (wait, that would go in a different category entirely…).

  7. Stinkypaw Says:

    Maybe I’m not getting it, but Formage should be spelled fromage, or that’s the point you were making?! :-S

    Maybe the person who does those signs is just like me – dyslexic?! The worst I’ve seen was this summer at the border (Canada-US) – I did a post on it in August – it was horrible!

    …I must say, now I’m a little self-conscious about my English…

  8. Yez Says:

    My bark is worse than my bite :-}  It should definitely be spelled fromage, and it tickled me that the sign was in the middle of packaging that had FROMAGE in big letters all over it.  It only got funnier when I discovered that formage really is a French word and that clarines could very well be formagées.

    Typos happen to all of us, and of course I value content over impeccable presentation.  I just can’t resist unintentional humor, though, and the Big Why is a rich resource :>  My attempts at French are almost certainly risible in print (although I’ve been told my accent is passably Parisian).  Even when I’m doing well grammatically, I probably sound archaic – I only use tu when speaking to children, for instance, since I was taught that one must use vous to show respect for peers and elders :-)

    I’m off to check out your border sign!

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