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about Yez

Yesrie [YEZZ’-ree], n., loosened-syllable wirer  [fr. OE, Leslie, a Scots surname with obscure origins]

I’ve prowled the planet to this extent:
East, 13°00;
North, 57°39;
West, 123°01;
South, 12°n25

…but New England is home.

refreshing wallpaper in August

“Don’t See in Here” and its subtitle are explained in Blogging in spite of myself, as is my presence here in the first place.

FWIW, I’ve filled in hover captions for most of the pictures, so you may be ambushed with Even More Sarcasm if you have a wandering cursor.

I’m on the forum at About Cats, and here’s my Herd:

pastel shots are baby pictures

Here’s the fam:

badly photoshopped, but fun

Yez and Jef

je mange, donc je suis --René Dessertcarte with Skruf, and without the beard

Alex (a/k/a Xan or TBX) and Jef

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