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This will tell you what I meant, but it’s not necessarily good French. So far, it’s all stuff from one post, just “translations”, but as time goes on we’ll see what sidles in here and lights a cigarette.


shut up!

pesons nos souhaits
let’s weigh our wishes [or, be careful what you ask for]

ComeOnTallAyVoo [phonetic 5th-grade Yez]
Comment allez-vous?
How are you?

Zh’VayZohBeeBleeOhTeck [phonetic 5th-grade Yez]
Je vais au bibliothèque
I’m going to the library

Le Petit Prince
The Little Prince [book by Antoine de Saint-Exupéry]

l’anniversaire de Violaine
Violaine’s birthday

“Où sont my striped socks nouveaux?”
“Where are mes new chausettes rayées?”

Je ne peut pas parler EN ANGLAIS!
I can’t speak IN ENGLISH!

et un gâteau du drapeau
and a flag cake

Oh, oh!
J’aime tout
Ce que tu fais
Oh oh
Même quand
Fais rien
Moi, ça me plaît

Oh, oh!
[pet name :>]
I like everything
You do
Oh oh
Even when
Do nothing,
That pleases me

–Françoise Hardy [from the album “The Yeh-Yeh Girl from Paris”, 1965, and if anyone knows the rest of the lyrics, LMK…]

Volez sans souci, Caneton! Amusez-vous, apprenez quelque chose, soyez attentive, et rentrez sûrement.

Fly without a worry, Duck*! Have fun, learn something, be careful, and come back safely.

*Duck is my nickname for her. That’s why Caneton is capitalized :> and I liked duckling better than duck (canard) for my purposes.