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St. John, USVI

On-St. John blog - my favorite resource for all things St. John. Be sure to check out the Jeep Cam video entries, a couple of which are listed below. Don't miss the blissful Beach Breaks, either.

Jeep Cam, East End

Jeep Cam, triple switchback - my favorite! The Jeep Cam theme is especially well synched on it, too.

TripInsure - Travel insurance

St. John Villas - villas in both the BVI and USVI

St. John Villa Great Expectations - a 7-room villa in the Chocolate Hole/Hart Bay Beach area.

Maho Bay Camps - our fantastic eco-friendly digs on the north shore.

Skinny Legs - don't have your first island hamburger here, or you may never leave. I'm not even a big fan of burgers, but Skinny's won my taste buds! The staff, clientele and ambience make it your home away from home.

Spice Cam - an always-beautiful glimpse of Cruz Bay harbor, or (if you've visited the island) a daily heartbreak!

St. John Spice - this should be your first shopping stop. Breathe in deeply!

video interview - meet Ruth at St. John Spice!

Woody's - great food and high spirits in Cruz Bay.

Donkey Diner - they said it, and they're right: Kickass food in Coral Bay.

Jolly Dog - Award-winning T shirts and souvenirs.

Island Blues - Great menu, idyllic harborside setting, and nightly music.

East West Catering - Kayaking Kai's mom can cook! Somebody please have a wedding on-island and choose Julia and invite me. I'm drooling all over my keyboard.

DIP signs - A fond reminder of whimsical graffiti, wrapped in an interview of a local artist.

Practical stuff

Scot's Newsletter - sage, funny advice on Windows and broadband.

Windows Annoyances - go just to see "Clippie" get squashed.

Things to ponder

Molecular Expressions - a great site if you need a little perspective.

L-Space - NVNC ID VIDES, NVNC NE VIDES. Terry Pratchett fans will already have this link. For those who've never heard of Discworld, if a fractured-Latin motto for a wizarding school appeals to you ("Now you see it, now you don't"), surf to the L-Space Web.

Great reads

Notes from Joblessville - a funny, compelling, wry blog. Not necessarily about unemployment.

dinane.net - witty posts about... well, everything.

Once Upon a Farm - The Facebook page for my cousin's first book. Of course I recommend it!

My neglected blog

Don't See in Here - in stasis since 2006. I have plans to drag it kicking and screaming into an Archive section here.

Official Orpheus website, coming soon!

Orpheus - Remember "Can't Find the Time" and "Congress Alley"? Bookmark the site, which is preparing to launch, and in the meantime check out their Facebook page.

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