Dippy details and double-take signs



We weren't sorry, and the staff at JJ's Texas Coast served us cheerfully. Maybe a posted disclaimer is all it takes to make you whistle while you work.





It's the cursing that makes it art.







A bit unsettling, given the above, but I'll take their word for it! (I had a BLT.)

If you look for it, there's plenty of evidence of St. John residents' sly and often self-deprecating wit. Sometimes we were just surprised at their application of the "KISS principle" or their irrepressible urge to create art. Our award for the best boat name goes to...

Christmas decorations on a tropical island just tickle me. Somewhere along the very rural Southside Road, we crossed the tiny bridge below. Its rails were lovingly wrapped with Christmas lights!

Over in Coral Bay, the Domino's gas station guy saw me snapping a shot of a street sign. He asked, "Did you see my Christmas tree?" Um, no. He pointed across the street, but all I could see was uniform green foliage; finally, he posed with it.




JJ's didn't scrimp on lights, and the Cruz Bay ferry building dressed for the holidays.






I'm confident that naming this Cruz Bay restaurant was an act of pure whimsy. In its 15 months of operation, it has twice been awarded Best Mexican Food on the island (by the Virgin Islands Daily News).

Unfortunately, they have good reason to be surly now: their landlords have forced them out by instituting an exorbitant rent hike.





Left: rake repair, St. John style. Below: Skinny Legs has to draw the line somewhere.

Forgive us our trespasses...

Editing DIP signs seems to be the unofficial island sport. We found only two of the masterpieces, but spent all ten days on the lookout (suggesting new versions DIPlomatically, of course).


We appreciated this public service annoucement:

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